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Commitment to Quality

At Hampton Road Designs, we want you to love your bag and carry it for years to come. We strive to deliver the highest quality handbags made of the finest materials.

Our leather is ethically sourced to meet stringent environmental standards.

Our vinyl is marine-grade and will not puncture, tear, crease, or discolor.

Our hardware is custom made to carry the heaviest of loads.

We stand behind our products, so we guarantee your satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, simply return it unused for no charge and a full refund. It's as simple as that. 

It All Began on Hampton Road in Austin, Texas

When there are a million gorgeous handbags to choose from, why go with Hampton Road Designs? The answer is simple: Hampton Road Designs provides high quality customizable leather and vinyl products at fair prices with unmatched attention to detail and vintage beauty.  At Hampton Road Designs, we design our products to withstand trends, times, and the turmoil of everyday use.  It is our mission to bring you a purse that makes you happy.  Why does it make you happy?  Because it expresses YOUR style, even if your style changes every day! 

Every bag and strap is handmade in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico by personally selected artisans.  These artisans enable us to make small batches of products using vintage trims that are extremely rare. As a result, each piece is special. We hand-select our leather and, in some cases, create custom colors and textures to achieve the perfect design. Our hardware is also custom made in Mexico, and lacquer dipped to prevent chipping or discoloration.  We use marine-grade vinyl for our stadium approved bags to make sure your bag can withstand all the elements you might encounter at a crowded concert, festival, or sporting event. Finally, the textiles.  Where to begin…. I have searched the world for the most beautiful textiles I can find to incorporate into Hampton Road Designs’ straps.  Most of these textiles are vintage and, when possible, I buy up the entire lot!

So, how did Hampton Road Designs begin?  Quite simply, really…. In 2016, I was enjoying Christmas with my family and we began to chat over champagne about the year before and the year ahead.  The year before was a particularly tough one, as we had lost our sweet father to cancer.  This meant that my mom would need to sell the family home on Hampton Road in Austin, Texas because it was too much house for her to live in alone.  After some more champagne, sad reflection gave way to sunnier thoughts about the year ahead. Invariably, these thoughts involved Texas Longhorn Football.  I had just learned that Texas was implementing a Clear Bag Policy.  My brother, Jack, joked “How are you going to accessorize for gameday with a clear bag?”  Fueled by champagne, I boasted “I guess I’ll have to make one pretty enough to qualify as an accessory.”  The following morning, my fiancé, Bruce, woke me with a Cheshire-Cat grin and some Alka Selzer and said, “I’ve done some research on clear bag policies and …..” 

The rest is history.  After numerous trips to New York, London, Central Mexico, and the sewing machine repair shop, Hampton Road Designs officially launched in July 2018. Since then, we have been picked up by over 50 retailers across the US and expanded our product line to feature all leather products. This success has only been possible with the support and encouragement of our family, friends, and early customers who took a chance us. Essentially, Hampton Road Designs is a tribute to my home on Hampton Road and the embodiment of my unique sense of style.  I hope our line brings you as much joy as creating it has brought me!

With gratitude,

Lisa E. Davis

President and Designer


"[My Gold Zuma]  is comfortable to wear, it’s luxe and sturdy and so beautiful in person. Without a doubt, this is an elevated clear gameday bag if I ever saw one! 

Nina Rand, the HSS Feed

I love my clear Zuma so much I'm asking for a leather one, and now I want them in multiple colors. The BEST crossbody I have owned.  

Christine Jensen, Dallas